dtree manual

DTREE(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 DTREE(1)


     dtree -- Command line program to draw trees


     dtree [-hv]

     dtree [-s set] [file]


     dtree is a simple command line program which reads a number of lines and
     formats them as a tree using line drawing characters in several sets.
     Each input line represents one node in a tree.  The number of tabs at the
     start of each input line determines the nesting level of that node.  It
     is intended for the root node to have no tabs at the start.

     If the file is omitted, dtree will read from stdin.  Any additional argu-
     ments after file will be ignored.

Command line options

           dtree -h  Prints usage information.

           dtree -s set
                     Selects the symbol set set.  Allowed values for set are:
                     a (ASCII set), d (double-stroke set), and s (sin-
                     gle-stroke set, default).

           dtree -v  Prints version and commit date.


     Format a tree using double-stroke box drawing characters:
           printf "A\n\tB\n\t\tC\n\tD\n" | dtree -sd

     tree(1) replacement:
           find . -print | sed -E "s,[^/]+/,$(printf '\t'),g" | dtree

     same, using ASCII characters:
           find . -print | sed -E "s,[^/]+/,$(printf '\t'),g" | dtree -sa




     Strahinya Radich <contact@strahinja.org>, 2023

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