GALEB(8) System Manager's Manual (smm) GALEB(8)

Galebsimple musl-based static distro

Galeb is a distribution of musl/Linux which is inspired by and based on parts of several similar projects, most notably:

and so on.

Galeb adopts and extends the filesystem hierarchy of stali:

/ filesystem root
/bin all executables
/boot all boot files
/dev devices
/etc system configuration
/home user directories
/include include headers
/lib static libraries
/local programs specific to the local system
/mnt mount points
/pkg compiled packages
/plan9 9base
/proc procfs
/run 0755 tmpfs
/sbin -> /bin symlink pointing to /bin
/share man pages, locales, dependencies
/src source code
/sucks stuff that sucks, dynamic programs/libraries
/sys sysfs
/tmp user-writeable (1777) tmpfs
/usr -> / symlink pointing to /
/var spool, run, log, cache
/var/run -> /run symlink pointing to /run tmpfs

File containing the full name and version of Galeb.

mkpk(8), service(8), svc(8)

Strahinya Radich <>

April 13, 2023 Galeb 2.2