REFLOW(1) General Commands Manual REFLOW(1)

reflowReflows paragraphs into single lines

reflow -h | --help | -V | --full-version | -v | --version

reflow [file]

reflow reflows paragraphs of text into single (long) lines. It will read its input from file, writing to standard output.

If the special filename of “-” is given, reflow will instead read from the standard input. This also happens when no filename is given.

Print usage information.
Print full version (like -v), followed by copyright notice.
, --version
Print program version and commit date.

The reflow utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Strahinya Radich <>, 2021-2024

Bugs can be reported using the ticket tracker at:

May 21, 2024 OpenBSD 7.5