slw2gmi manual

SLW2GMI(1)                  General Commands Manual                 SLW2GMI(1)


       slw2gmi - slweb to Gemini converter


       slw2gmi [-h | --help]

       slw2gmi [-v | --version]

       slw2gmi [-d | --basedir directory] [-p | --global-link-prefix URL]


       slw2gmi Copyright © 2021, 2022, 2023 Strahinya Radich.
       This program is licensed under GNU GPL v3 or later. See  the  file  LI-
       CENSE in the slweb repository for details.


       slw2gmi  is  a  converter from slweb(1) to Gemini format. Although both
       are similar to Markdown, the two formats differ  enough  to  warrant  a
       full converter.


       -d directory
       --basedir directory
              Set  the  base directory as a reference point to normalize paths
              in includes (the argument to --relative-to option for the  real-
              path(1) command). Defaults to the current directory.

              Print this usage information screen.

       -p URL
       --global-link-prefix URL
              Set URL as a global prefix for relative links. For example, this
              can be useful when generating Gemini code which  needs  to  keep
              relative links pointing to web URLs.

              Print program version and exit.


       Refer to slweb(1) manual for the description of .slw file format.


       Strahinya Radich, <>


       Bugs can be reported using the ticket tracker at:


slw2gmi 0.1.12                 October 02, 2023                     SLW2GMI(1)