tsvedit manual

TSVEDIT(1)                BSD General Commands Manual               TSVEDIT(1)


     tsvedit -- Edit a line from a TSV file


     tsvedit tsvfile.tsv [rowno | colno text]


     Read lines from stdin and interpret them as columns of a line to replace
     the line from a TSV file;

           tsvedit tsvfile.tsv rowno
                          select the line (row) to be replaced by its row num-
                          ber (1-based)

           tsvedit tsvfile.tsv colno text
                          select the line (row) to be replaced by searching
                          the column with index colno (1-based) for text.


     Strahinya Radich <contact@strahinja.org>, 2023

BSD                            November 11, 2023                           BSD