tsvfind manual

TSVFIND(1)                BSD General Commands Manual               TSVFIND(1)


     tsvfind -- Search for text in a TSV file


     tsvfind [-s rowno] tsvfile.tsv [text | colno text]


     tsvfind searches the given TSV file for text and outputs the number
     (1-based) of the row containing it on stdout if successful.  If text is
     not found, tsvfind sets return status to 1.

           -s rowno       Start from row number rowno (1-based, not inclusive)

           text           Text to search for

           colno          Column number to limit the search to (1-based)


     Strahinya Radich <contact@strahinja.org>, 2023

BSD                            November 11, 2023                           BSD