rc.conf manual

RC.CONF(5)                  BSD File Formats Manual                 RC.CONF(5)


     rc.conf -- init configuration


     The file /etc/rc.conf is sourced by rc.init(1) at boot and the shell
     variables defined in it are used to initialize the system.  It is a sim-
     ple shell script, which should define the special environment variables.

     Currently, that includes the following:

           FONT           passed to setfont(8) on all activated ttys (by de-
                          fault, tty[1-4]).

           FONT_MAP       passed with the argument -m to setfont(8).

           FONT_UNIMAP    passed with the argument -u to setfont(8).

           KEYMAP         passed to loadkeys(1).

           INTERFACE      used to bring up an interface with ip(8).

           KILLDELAY      how long to wait between sending the SIGKILL and
                          SIGTERM on system shutdown.

           LANG           default locale for the system.  Can be overridden by
                          the user's shell configuration files.

           HOSTNAME       system hostname.  If not set here, the first line of
                          the file /etc/hostname will be used, or the fallback
                          "galeb" if that file is also nonexistant.

           TIMEZONE       system timezone.  If not set here, and the link
                          /etc/localtime is not present, it will be created
                          pointing to the file /share/zoneinfo/GMT by default.




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