svc manual

SVC(8)                      System Manager's Manual                     SVC(8)


     svc -- manage services


     svc [-acdeklrs | -ad] [service]


     Most of the options accept either the service name or, if omitted, apply
     the operation to all the related services.

           svc -a  lists all activated services in /bin/svc.d/run.

           svc -a [service]
                   activates the service "service".

           svc -ad [service]
                   checks if the service "service" is activated in the direc-
                   tory /bin/svc.d/run.

           svc -c  configures svc by creating the necessary subdirectories of

           svc -d [service]
                   deactivates the service "service".

           svc -e [service]
                   checks if the service "service" is running ("exists").

           svc -k  stops ("kills") all active services.

           svc -k [service]
                   stops the service "service".

           svc -l  lists all available (not necessarily activated) services in
                   the directory /bin/svc.d/avail.

           svc -r  restarts all active services.

           svc -r [service]
                   restarts the service "service".

           svc -s  starts all active services.

           svc -s [service]
                   starts the service "service".


     /bin/svc.d/avail  service scripts which are available for activation.

                       service configuration files.

     /bin/svc.d/run    symlinks to activated service scripts.


     svc, service(8) and service scripts themselves should set the exit status
     to one of the following:

           0       success.

           1       redundancy; for example, if starting the service was at-
                   tempted when the service is already running.

           2       general error.




     svc and related commands were made by Cristoph Lohmann in 2012.  The ver-
     sion used in Galeb is heavily modified and documented by Strahinya Radich
     in 2022.


     Cristoph Lohmann <>, 2012-2014, original author
     Strahinya Radich <>, 2022, reorganized svc and cre-
     ated the manpage.

Galeb 2.2                       April 17, 2023                       Galeb 2.2